Magnolias on Repeat

Slowly but surely working my way back to painting regularly again!  

This past year has been a doozy  - so much good stuff but also a lot of really hard and challenging moments. A first year of marriage down to the best damn partner I could have ever hoped for, a challenging new position at work, and more weddings, vacations, walks with Henry and weekends at the beach than I can count. In there too was also the devastating late loss of our first pregnancy at 4.5 months this past spring. To say it was heartbreaking doesn't even begin to describe it. It was the loss of our biggest and best dream and some of the darkest days I hope I ever have.  

We are absurdly blessed with some of the best friends and family you could imagine and have been lifted up by them again and again and have slowly, slowly, been working our way back to normal. 

Cheery first blog post huh? 

All of this is an effort to say that coming out of this no-good-very-terrible-extremely-awful year I needed something to pour myself into creatively. Something that made me feel like me again. 

I'm not so great with words - but give me a brush and some paint and I can talk for hours.

My hope for Studio Maggie is to use it as a vehicle to celebrate the beauty in my small slice of the south. To be creative daily, to show my work and to find my voice again.

Hope you join me for the ride. First up? Studies of Southern Flowers - dogwoods on deck